Już teraz możesz zobaczyć jak wygląda nasz hotel w perspektywie 3D.
Dzięki tej możliwości dokładnie poznasz każdy zakątek hotelu.

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An ideal solution if you have been fruitlessly looking for a gift for someone who is close to you.

An ideal solution if your vision is a little more precise: you want to offer something exceptional..

Excellent cuisine, picturesque surroundings, original arrangements of interiors. Gift vouchers of Zajazd pod Skałą is for the recipient a possibility to use all the attractions of our facility. For you, it is a possibility to give the most exceptional moments, encapsulated in an elegant voucher card. Moments of relaxation, rest, escape from everyday chores and problems.

In one word, an exceptional gift. And equally exceptional memories related with the gift.

Rules of using the gift vouchers can be found here

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